Mission Statement: Sharrah fosters quality Afghans, utilizing integrity and forethought.

SHARRAH, est. 1971, operates in the best interest of purebred dogs. We do not sell to the public or over the Internet and remain small and private.

Sharrah's Khristen suddenly passed at 2 years, click here.

Sharrah breeds in 5-8 year increments. 46++ years later, results in a concentrated, genetically sound, genepool -- one of the few in the world.

“True” breeders positively impact the Breed; a lost art. One that breeds is not necessarily a breeder. It's relatively easy to have a litter, sell and move on; it's difficult to establish a genepool, grow it and, most importantly, maintain it over decades with consistency in type and movement. Genepool was paramount.

With the decline in the Afghan population and dilution of genetics, breeding must focus on commitment, accountability, and genetic prepotency. (Genetic prepotency encompasses the ENTIRE litter - EVERY puppy - not ONE dog with a winning record). The LITTER determines pheno- and geno-typic pre-dispositioning. Sharrah’s consistent type, structure, and open springy gait are testament to 4+ decades of excellence. We achieved this because we stayed small and private; we did not publically stud and only a handful of times shared dogs. (One such special boy is Ch. Sharrah's Khalin, the National foundation poster and therapy dog for Woman's Ovarian Cancer Awareness. Vallie Szymanski's work effort is noteworthy on a grand scale for the greater good of all women).

SHARRAH'S foundation is based on Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Gandharra. In generation 10, there were 100++ instances to this prolific producer, along with 6 crosses to Ch. Kabik's the Challenger (Pepsi), and other famous greats.


Coming Soon: Dr. Gerda Kennedy Gallery, Shangrila Afghans. With the passing of Dr. Kennedy, we will honor her contribution to the breed for over 50 years with pictures of her early beginnings and famous greats.


With the 1st Confirmed Parvo Case in the Midwest, I became the Parvo Coordinator. During the middle of the epidemic, Sharrah's world-wide effort was deemed "the most major contribution of the decade."

Judges MUST mark book before handing out ribbons - "Logansport."






Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Kauravya



Group Winning Ch. Sharrah’s Zhunghatoh
Group Winning Ch. DoCan’s Bint Baraka O’Sharrah
Ch. Sharrah’s Bint Na-Im Hadiya
Ch. Sharrah’s Ibn Kurush
Fr. Ch. Sharrah’s Bint Sadira’s DoCan, 1st Afghan import to Belgium.



Ch. Sharrah’s Ahraka
Ch. Sharrah’s Azraqh
Ch. Khebira Chadi Har Kala Rachi (out of our export to Belgium, Fr. Ch. Sadira)



Sharrah’s Vheros



Sharrah’s Tharaka



Ch. Sharrah’s Khalin, CGC/TDI
Ch. Sharrah’s Nharaka
Ch. Sharrah’s Sabukuh



Ch. Sharrah’s Dhrughatos (litter of 3)
Multiple Group Placing GCH Ch. Sharrah’s Mhaxxymus
Ch. Sharrah's Thuki (litter of 2)
Ch. Sharrah's Zhimi



Multiple Group Placing GCH Ch. Sharrah’s Dhealz (#8 Afghan 2013)
Ch. Sharrah’s Khatav
Ch. Sharrah’s Shuni



Group Placing Ch. Sharrah's Ahkulez
Multiple Group Placing GCH Ch. Sharrah's Kristah (CHRIS-tah)
Ch. Sharrah's Sarhuk (sa-RUUK)
Sharrah's Suzunah (ptd.) (sa-ZUN-na)



Sharrah's Ahrraghon (AIR-e)(litter of 2)
Sharrah's Ahrtymus (ARR-te-mus)
Sharrah's Khristen (CHRIS-tin)
(miracle litter of 1)

Sharrah Afghans are bred/owned/handled by Trisha Murphy-Horman