Genetic Prepotency

  • IN BREEDING: Father x Daughter; Mother x Son; Brother x Sister
  • LINE BREEDING: Relatives, ie Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Nephews and Nieces comprise "the" line. It's a FAMILY/GENEPOOL, not necessarily a kennel name.
  • OUT CROSS: Breeding OUTSIDE the family/genepool
In 41+ years and 8 generations, depending on the pedigree, Sharrah has:
  • 12 crosses to Sharrah's foundation dog, Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Kauravya;
  • 12 crosses to Ch. Gandharra;
  • 24 crosses to full litter sister Ch. Uvasa and Ch. Gandharra;
  • 24 crosses to Ch. Sasha of Scheherezade;
  • 32 crosses to Ch. Akaba's Royal Gold;
  • 84 dogs linked to Gandharra's gene pool;
  • 8 crosses to Ch. Fox Run's Phoenix (Cherry);
  • 8 crosses to Ch. Kabik's The Challenger (Pepsi);
    • We value the lost art of breeding, repeatable lineage, and embrace prolific gene pools. The result is standard sized dogs, level tops, full dentition, consistently sound, with open, springy, balanced gait - the essence of a true Afghan serving form and function.

      Genetic prepotency encompasses EVERY puppy in a litter, not one dog with a winning record. THE LITTER and its ANCESTORS determine pheno and genotypic predispositioning, NOT a dog's honors or a pedigree laced with a kennel name. Pedigrees with such repetition are NOT necessarily gene pools.

      It's ALL about the genepool - KNOW YOUR DADDY !

Sharrah Begins... with Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Kauravya

Sharrah Generation 2

Sharrah Generation 3

Sharrah Generation 4

Sharrah Generation 5

Sharrah Generation 6

Sharrah Generation 7

Sharrah Generation 8

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