Multiple Group Placing GCH Ch. Sharrah's Kristah
DOB: 07-31-2010

Sire: Intl. Ch. Jorogz' Tantharra
Dam: Ch. Sharrah’s Nharaka. Full littermate to: Ch. Sharrah's Sabukuh, and Ch. Sharrah's Khalin, CGC/TDI
Balanced and EXTREME open moving Ch. Nharaka is the dam of:
Multiple Group Placing GCH CH. Sharrah's Dhealz (#8 Afghan 1st half 2013), Ch. Sharrah's Khatav, Ch. Sharrah's Shuni, Group Placing Ch. Sharrah's Ahkulez, Ch. Sharrah's Sarhuk, Sharrah's Suzunah (ptd.) and Multiple Group Placing GCH Ch. Sharrah's Kristah.

Sharrah started generation #9 July 31, 2010, focused line breedings bridging time from a dog born 34 years prior, Intl. Ch. Jorogz' Tantharra. Since Sharrah maintains a line with 100+ crosses to Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Gandharra, we returned to Gerda's prolific stud. Also, there are 6 crosses to Westminster BIS winner, Ch. Kabik's the Challenger (Pepsi). We maintain: Level tops. Balance! Open movement / springy gait. Correct height. Low hocks. Correct croup angle. Great hips, full dentition / scissors bites, genetically sound dogs, because we stayed small and private. Years ago, Dr. Gerda Kennedy and a few other top breeders, advised us to pick a line and STAY WITH IT! SHARRAH DID.

Kristah is named after Chris, the vet tech at Animal Hospital of Woodstock, who worked diligently on the lifeless 5 oz. jelly-like blob, that cooled as each minute passed. No cry, but a tiny gasp at 35 minutes. Thirteen (13) people (including 3 vets) worked on this litter. Painful stares exchanged between Chris and me. Voices muted and conversations blurred, and I questioned everything about Sharrah and why I maintained Ch. Shangrila Gandharra's genepool. Few in this Country have one, as most are concerned about pheno-type. So why worry about stability of the Breed? At 37 minutes an ever-so-small breath from Kristah. I re-engaged. Finally, a faint cry at 40 minutes. It was as though life taunted her -- the ying and yang. More shots and acupuncture needles sticking out of her wee little nose. 45 minutes after her arrival, Kristah repeated breaths. By the time the hour was up she came to life, though only ONE pup in the litter was lively (Ch. Ahkulez, of course).

When Kristah dropped to 4 oz. (normally a pound), we almost lost her again (more tubes) followed by 2 weeks of hell with Ch. Nharaka having no milk. Kristah made it to 12 months, but took fancy with a towel. After 5 days of not eating, drinking, and a weakening state she was operated on. Of course, coat loss from anesthesia, but she was alive.

Then, the tree root that pierced the drain tile and the repairman sprayed the stinky sludge into the dog run. Kristah and was on meds for a year. Was she EVER going to make it to the ring? Every time Chris asked, I said, "we're working it." Then, the broken tail (hopes were dashed). My youngest son repeatedly encouraged me to show her.

Right before Kristah's 3rd birthday, I entered a local show. She was NEVER socialized, did NOT know how to move on lead, or how to gait. Stack? What was that? We went to the show and voila! ...a natural and won a broken Major! The next day, another broken Major, then a Major BOB over Specials Within a month, Multiple Group Placing GCH Ch. Sharrah's Kristah finished with a 5 pt. Major at a Specialty!


HG-3, Manitowoc KC, under Karen Dumke.
HG-3, Manitowoc KC, under Kalen Dumke.
HG-3, under Jon Cole, and the next day held to the final Group cutBOB under Carol Reisman.
A large BOB and held to the final cut of 6 in a Group of 26 under Sari Tietjen.
FIRST weekend as a special: HG-4, Georgetown KC, under Dr. Edna Martin.

Multiple Group Placing GCH Ch. Sharrah's Kristah took her first points mid-July and EVERY weekend she showed she won. Kristah finished under Russ McFadden at the Greater Twin Cities Afghan Hound Club. She went WB/BOW/BOS (over 5 specials bitches) for a 5 point Major!

In 3 weeks, Kristah garnered 12 pts., with a Major BOB over Specials, and 2 broken Majors.
Kristah WB/BOW, under Randy Garren, Racine2, WI.
Kristah WB/BOW, under Alan Odom, Racine1, WI.
Kristah WB/BOW/BOS (over 3 Specials), under Dale Simmons, Cudahy2, WI.
Kristah WB/BOW, under Linda Scanlon, Cudahy1, WI.
Kristah WB, under Rose Fetter, Burlington, WI.
Kristah WB/BOW, and BOB Major over 2 Specials, under Nikki Riggsbee at Burlington, WI.
Kristah WB/BOW, under Midge Martin at Belvidere, IL and brother Ch. Sarhuk was WD (broken Majors).
Kristah enters the ring July 2013 with WB under Charlie Olvis at Belvidere, IL.(broken Major).

Multiple Group Placing Ch. Sharrah's Kristah is littermate to:
Group Placing Ch. Sharrah's Ahkulez
Ch. Sharrah's Sarhuk
Sharrah's Suzunah (ptd.)

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