Sharrah's Khristen (CHRIS-tin)(Miricle litter of 1)
DOB: 11-29-2016 -- 10-23-2019

Sire: Multiple Group Placing GCH Ch. Sharrah’s Mhaxxymus
Dam: Multiple Group Placing GCH Ch. Sharrah's Kristah

50 years dedicated to the only true genepool in Afghans in the world, per 4 breeder judges. Early on, I was told to pick a line and stick with it, In July, a breeder judge called Khristen an "old soul" and kindly nudged me to focus on breeding her and forego the title. Thanks, Jamie. (Khristen finished her first season in June). Look at Ch. Kauravya, 1971 (Ch. Gandharra x Ch. Uvasa, son to mother), and 10 generations later, near champion Sharrah's Khristen. Good toplines, low set withers, full dentition, type, proper size, eyes clear, and balanced/open movement, frequently with double suspension. Strong geno and phenotype.

We lost Khristen Wednesday, 10-23-19, at 2 years 10 months. She was a singleton out of Multiple Group Placing GCH Sharrah's Mhaxxymus x Multiple Group Placing Sharrah's Khristah (finished 5 weeks from the time first points were secured).

After extreme house water damage, plus a wall ripped out in June, including exterior, we were glad to finally re-enter the ring. May and June, Khristen recovered from an elbow injury and had her first season. June, I broke a bone. Major hopes and great judges evaporated mid-Grayslake weekend.

Mid-August, 8 days after my cast was removed, we headed to Franksville. Unfortunately, there was a 3 car smash up. Steve's car and my van were stopped at a light and the man behind rammed into the van, which thrust the van forward into Steve's vehicle. The man was ultimately 100% responsible for the accident, per video cam. (However, his employer's cut-rate insurance left us with large bills). Khristen and Ahrytmus were in the McKee's in the back, close to the rear doors. The totaled van sustained 3 hefty blows. We whisked dogs to vet to rule out internal bleeding, and then me to the orthopedic surgeon. Dogs appeared OK; I had 3 additional sprained bones next to my distal tip break. Did that accident cause head trauma to Khristen?

About 3 weeks after the crash, Khristen's jaw locked (no TMJ). She showed no signs except refusing a large, crunchy treat that she previously enjoyed. A few weeks later meds started. Then coughing, followed by nose bleeding. Many vet visits, almost daily between 2 clinics. (85% of one clinic's business is show dogs). We prepared for a procedure. (Fungus? Tumor unlikely in a 2 year old. Tick cultures, negative. Head trauma from accident?) Last Wednesday, Khristen walked down, turned and waited at the bottom of the back staircase, as usual. I quickly cleaned the run, returned to go downstairs. Khristen was laying down, staring up the staircase. Waiting. She was gone.

Khristen was Sharrah's 10th generation singleton, 10% chance of success to bring her into this world. EVERYTHING for the past 50 years at Sharrah hinged on Khristen. There are no other resources.

1-23-19 Grayslake, Judge Scott Pfeil, WB/BOW (first show)
1-25-19 Grayslake, Judge Joy Brewster, WB/BOW
3-28-19 Manitowoc, Judge Raymond Filburn, WB/BOS
4-6-19 Dekalb, Judge Ros Kramer, WB (broken major)
6-1-19 Woodstock, Judge Ron Spritzer, WB/BOW
6-12-19 Starved Rock, Judge Robt. Hutton, WB/BOW (broken major)
6-13-19 Starved Rock, Judge Elliot Weiss, RWB (major)
6-13-19 After noon, broken ankle… (unable to secure help for Sat. and Sun. shows (major entries)
7-13-19 Belvidere, Judge James Donahue, WB/BOW, Vanessa handled
7-14-19 Belvidere, Judge Scott Pfeil, WB/BOW
8-10-19 Sharrah van 3 vehicle accident heading to Franksville (Khristen and Ahrytmus in McKees)

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