Sharrah Afghans, est. 1971

   Decades ago, purchasing an Afghan meant one married into
a gene pool. When breeding outside the line for a generation 
or two, dogs’ attributes remained consistent. Not today.

   Sharrah's  foundation dog from 1971, Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh 
Kauravya, came with such a prolific gene pool. Dr. Gerda 
Kennedy founded Shangrila in the early 60’s. She bred and
owner-handled the incredible Ch. Shangrila Pharahna Phaedra
to the #1 winning Afghan bitch of all times until the record 
broke a number of years back.  Comprised of predominantly 
Akaba, Scheherezade, and Swedish blood, Shangrila dogs 
brought a certain elegance to the ring not seen before. 
Ch. Kauravya, (Ch. Gandharra on one side and his full litter 
sister, Ch. Uvasa, on the other) solidified Sharrah’s genetic
prepotency that withstood the test time.

Ayesha, Ch. Kauravya’s 1st get, is shown below. The repeat second
breeding produced 8 more like Ayesha. Most finished and one became
an owner-handled Group winner. This was at a time when it was common
to compete with 30 dogs in ONE class for an hour. It took 16 dogs for
ONE point in Illinois, so building a Major for oneself was impossible.

Today, 35+ years and 8 generations later, we value the lost art of 
breeding,a repeatable lineage, and embrace prolific gene pools. The
result is consistent, sound, standard-sized dogs, full/proper dentition,
and extreme / open movement…the very essence of a true Afghan that 
serves form and function. We believe genetic prepotency encompasses 
EVERY puppy in a litter, not one dog with a winning record. The LITTER
and its ANCESTORS determine pheno and genotypic predispositioning,
not the winning dog or kennel name. Pedigrees with repeated kennel 
names are not necessarily gene pools.

12 crosses to Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Kauravya, Sharrah's foundation dog. 
12 crosses to Ch. Gandharra 
24 direct crosses to full litter sister Ch. Uvasa & Ch. Gandharra 
84 dogs linked to Ch. Gandharra's genepool 
32 crosses to Ch. Akaba's Royal Gold 
24 crosses to Ch. Sasha of Scheherezade 
8 crosses to Ch. Alibaba of Scheherezade 
(Sire and dam side of Ch. Kauravya and also sire and dam side of Mirage)
8 crosses to Ch. Kabik's the Challenger (Pepsi) 
8 crosses to Ch. Fox Run's Phoenix (Cherry) 
2 crosses to Ch. Suraj Ralph Lauren 
and... 60 crosses to Ch. Shirkhan of Grandeur 


Near Ch. Sharrah’s Dhrughatos
(black and red boy)

Was bred to


Ch. Sharrah’s Nharaka
(black masked red bitch with 75% sabling throughout body and dark
sabled saddle. She is a full litter sister to Chs. Khalin & Sabukuh).

Whelped August 27, 2006: 2 bitches, 3 dogs – all black and tan.

Contest:  What color will she be?  Winner(s) (maximum of 5) will 
be determined by order of date received when she's
6 months (March 1, 2007). Prize: A T-shirt with your kennel name.
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Trisha Murphy-Horman
Breeder / Owner / Handler                 Sharrah Afghans, est. 1971