Group Winning Ch. Sharrah’s Zhunghatoh (Zhunghi)
DOB: 4-12-79
OFA Good, Eyes clear, Full/Proper dentition

Sire: Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Kauravya
Dam: Perimyst Peaches N’ Cream

Group winning Ch. Zhunghatoh (28 1/2" tall, short-coupled boy) was special, indeed. "Z" was a 1-puppy litter, due to Parvo. Sharrah had the first confirmed case in the Midwest. With TRIPLE Sasha in his pedigree, we found "Z" in his 5th home, bought him back, and he was instrumental in starting the Worldwide Parvo Campaign and Fund in 1979.

I entered the ring determined to finish him, when competing for a 5 point major took almost 70! "Z" completed his title only 5 days after half sister, Group Winning Ch. Baraka (photo of her). Majors from: Mr. E. Tipton, Jr, and breeder-judge Mrs. Sue Kauffman. Major RWD's from highly respected breeder-judges: Kay Finch and Lila Stafford-Wadsworth. These women preached the standard and ascribed to it in their breeding program and judging.

After finishing on the highly competitive Oklahoma circuit, "Z" took the Breed his 1st and 2nd time out on that circuit under breeder-judge Mrs. Betty Stites and Mr E. Tipton.

Group Winning Ch. Zhunghatoh was half litter brother to:
Group Winning Ch. DoCan's Bint Baraka O'Sharrah
Ch. Sharrah's Bint Na-Im Hadiya
Ch. Sharrah's Ibn Kurush
Fr. Ch. Sharrah's Bint Sadira's DoCan
Near Ch. Sharrah's Bint Chela DoCan
Sharran's Bint Safi DoCan (pointed)
DoCan's bint Ayesha O'Sharrah (pointed)
Major pointed, DoCan's Bint Dariya

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Ch. Zhunghatoh's Pedigree

Group Winning Ch. Zhunghatoh was also the infamous "Logansport Dog."