Ch. Sharrah’s Shuni (SUN-ee)
DOB: 8-27-06 -- 2010

Sire: Ch. Sharrah's Dhrughatos (DREW)
Dam: Ch. Sharrah's Nharaka

Extremely balanced and open moving Ch. Nharaka is the dam of:
Multiple Group Placing, GCH Ch. Sharrah's Dhealz, Ch. Sharrah's Khatav, Ch. Sharrah's Shuni, Ch. Sharrah's Ahkulez and Group Placing Ch. Sharrah's Kristah.

Ch. Sharrah's Shuni was a 28" square dog, with open and extreme/springy gait. He was a balanced mover, who tracked true and gaited with his head and tail high. His temperment was excellent. Eyes were dark and almond shaped, and he had full and proper dentition (and so do his littermates, parents, and grandparents before him). He possessed a board-level topline. Shuni had 63 links to Dr. Kennedy's prolific sire, Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Gandharra's genepool, and 6 crosses to famous BIS Westminster winner, Ch. Kabik's the Challenger (Pepsi). Shuni is gone, but represented Sharrah's 8th generation and a conscious effort and commitment to remain true to the Breed Standard, type.

FLASH: Ch. Sharrah's Shuni finished with a 3rd Major under Mrs. Irene Bivin at the Chicago International

Ch. Shuni's Majors: Jon Cole, Charlie Olvis, and Irene Bivin.

Major RWD's: Dr. Bob Smith, 5 pts., Judy Webb, 4 pts., Bev Capstick, 3 pts.

Ch. Shuni's class Breed wins: Carol Reisman, Garry Newton and Pat Gellerman.
Ch. Shuni was shown 3 times as a special with Breeds from:
Amy Sorbie, Dr. Robt. Smith, and Jane Roppolo.

Ch. Sharrah's Shuni was a full littermate to:
Multiple Group Placing, GCH. Sharrah's Dhealz
Ch. Sharrah's Khatav

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Ch. Shuni's Pedigree