Multiple Group Placing GCh. Sharrah's Mhaxxymus (Mhaxx)
DOB: 05-14-05 -- 01-02-17

Sire: Ch. Sharrah's Khalin
Dam: Sharrah’s Tharaka

Multiple Group Placing GCH Ch. Sharrah's Mhaxxymus (27" square) black and tan boy.

Mhaxx BOB HG-4 under Michele Billings

Mhaxx grabs the BOB and HG-4 under Mr. Alberto Berrios, Oshkosh, WI.

Mhaxx BOB under Charlie at Gray Summit, Mo.

Mhaxx BOB under Judy Webb at Gray Summit, Mo.
(and was held to final 6 in a large Group of 23).


Mhaxx finished quickly, garnering 2 pts. (broken major) under Diane Malenfant at Rosemont and the next day a 3 pt. Major under Charlie Olvis.

Mhaxx received BOB and HG-4 under Mr. Raymond Fillburn... 190 dogs in the Group!

In the classes, he received Breeds from breeder-judges: Carol Esterkin, Carol Reisman, Karen Dumke, Kalen Dumke; also Jon Cole and Sari Tietjen.

Sharrah started generation #7, May 2005, with a focus on line breeding that lead us to a mother-son breeding for consistency of type, structure, and movement. It included the following:

  • 6 crosses to Sharrah's foundation dog, Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Kauravya;
  • 6 crosses to Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Gandharra;
  • 12 crosses to litter sister Ch. Shangrila Pharahna Uvasa and Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Gandharra;
  • 12 crosses to Ch. Sasha of Scheherezade;
  • 16 crosses to Ch. Akaba's Royal Gold;
  • 42 dogs linked to Gandharra's gene pool;
  • 4 crosses to Ch. Fox Run's Phoenix (Cherry);
  • 4 crosses to Ch. Kabik's The Challenger (Pepsi);
  • and 30 crosses to Ch. Shirkhan of Grandeur

Full littermate to:
  • Ch. Sharrah’s Dhrughatos and Sharrah's Khaphyr

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Multiple Group Placing GCH Ch. Mhaxxymus' Pedigree