Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Kauravya (Ka-RHAV-ya)
DOB: 07-30-72
OFA Excellent OFA1355, Eyes Clear, Full / Proper Dentition

Sire: Shangrila Pharaoh Kama (major pointed son of Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Gandharra.
Dam: Ch. Shangrila Pharahna Uvasa (Ch. Gandharra littermate)

Sharrah’s foundation dog, Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Kauravya (27 1/2" tall, short coupled dog), finished a multi-Breed winner over the nation’s #1 afghans. This highly marked black and tan (blue and red) embodied a double Gandharra genepool. Nine (9) of his 10 get were pointed, 5 finished. 2 were Group 1 winners.

Ch. Kauravya was the sire of:
  • Group winning Ch. Sharrah’s Zhunghatoh (only survivor of our Parvo litter. Sharrah had the first confirmed case of Parvo in the Midwest. Check out the Home page for the article).
  • Ch. Sharrah’s Bint Na-Im Hadiya
  • Group winning Ch. DoCan’s Bint Baraka O’Sharrah
  • Ch. Sharrah’s Ibn Kurush
  • Fr. Ch. and Youth World Ch., Dortmond, Germany, Sharrah’s Bint Sadira’s DoCan
  • Near Ch. Sharrah’s Bint Chela DoCan (11 pts.)
  • Major pointed, DoCan's Bint Dariya
  • Sharrah’s Bint Safi DoCan (ptd.)
  • Sharrah’s Bint Ayesha DoCan (ptd.)

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Ch. Kauravya's Pedigree

Ch. Kauravya started his career at 22 months. Owner-handled, he took a 3 point Major BOB over 6 specials under Mrs. Doris Wear, defeating the #1 Afghan for 3 years in running, and 5 other BIS/SBIS champions (Owner-handler: Randy Murphy). Immediately thereafter, Kauravya suffered a severe injury, died on the operating table, but was revived. Two and a half years later, the miracle dog entered the ring and took another Breed over 4 specials, including the newest #1 Afghan in the country! Notable Cissy Froelich was the judge. Kauravya finished with a prestigious 4 point major under Mr. Frank Sabella, handled by friend, Mickey Koss. Rose Marie Crandahl and Ken Murray also assisted with other wins. (I entered the ring after Kauravya finished). Other judges contributing to Boo's championship: Don Martin, Bill Fetner, Michele Billings and Ray Beale.

Though selectively campaigned until 11, Ch. Kauravya's solid topline and effortless, springy movement enabled him to easily compete. Kauravya was linebred with Scheherezade and Akaba lines (Ch. Gandharra grandson x Ch. Gandharra full sister).

Decades ago, purchasing an Afghan meant marrying into a gene pool. When breeding outside a given line a generation or two, dogs’ attributes remained consistent. NOT TODAY.

In 1971, Sharrah's foundation dog, Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Kauravya, came with a prolific gene pool way beyond physical attributes. Dr. Gerda Kennedy founded Shangrila in the early 60’s. She bred and owner-handled the sound, open moving Ch. Shangrila Pharahna Phaedra. Phaedra became the #1 winning Afghan bitch of all times until the record broke a number of years back. Still, it was done at a time when it took 70 dogs for a 5 pt. major and steep politics for a breeder-owner-handler. This was a huge accomplishment for a breeder-owner-handler.

Comprised of predominantly Akaba, Scheherezade, and a titch of Swedish blood, Shangrila dogs brought certain elegance to the ring not seen before. Ch. Kauravya, a 27 ½” dog, had Ch. Gandharra on one side and Gandharra’s full litter sister, Ch. Uvasa, on the other. The pedigree solidified Sharrah’s genetic prepotency that withstood 4 decades.

Entering the art of the breeding takes dedication to a higher level. Fragile egos must take a back seat. Time, hard work, money, and the ability to ferret through the mundane are coupled with requisite talents of integrity, knowledge, and passion. With the emergence of the 'McAfghan', generic dogs' diluted gene pools takes center stage. Less commitment and perseverance is required to produce such a dog in today's fast-paced world. Caregivers must be also dedicated guardians of the breed.