Multiple Group Placing, GCH Ch. Sharrah’s Dhealz
DOB: 8-27-06

Sire: Ch. Sharrah's Dhrughatos (DREW)
Dam: Ch. Sharrah's Nharaka (na-ROCK-a)

Extremely balanced and open moving Ch. Nharaka is the dam of:
Multiple Group Placin, GCH Ch. Sharrah's Dhealz (#8 1st 6 months 2013), Ch. Sharrah's Khatav, Ch. Sharrah's Shuni, Group Placing Ch. Sharrah's Ahkulez, Ch. Sharrah's Sarhuk, Multiple Group Placing GCH Ch. Sharrah's Kristah, and Sharrah's Suzunah (ptd.).
Multiple Group Placing GCH Sharrah's Dhealz is a "standard" 26 3/4" square dog, with an extremely wide chest and deep brisket (evident in photos). With open/springy gait, he is a balanced mover, who tracks true and gaits with head and tail high. Temperment is excellent. Eyes are dark and almond shaped, and he has full and proper dentition (and so do his littermates, parents, and grandparents before him). He possesses a board-level topline. He has 63 links to Dr. Kennedy's prolific sire, Ch. Shangrila Pharaoh Gandharra's genepool, and 6 crosses to famous BIS Westminster winner, Ch. Kabik's the Challenger (Pepsi). Dhealz represents Sharrah's 8th generation and reflects a conscious effort and commitment to remain true to the Breed Standard, type. As one judge puts it, "Sharrah dogs are a blast from the past!"

Dhealz, BOB at Chgo. Intl under Michele Billings... AND HG 4.
Dhealz ended 2013 #8 in the Afghans for the 1st 6 months nationally and the only breeder-owner-handled dog in the Top 10 in that period.

Dhealz BOB at Grayslake under Pat Trotter... AND a large HG 4 under Jane Forsyth.
Dhealz BOB at Grayslake under Dana Cline.
Dhealz BOB at Grayslake under Luc Boileau.
Dhealz BOB at Wheaton over multiple Group winning and BIS specials, under Michele Billings.
GCH. Dhealz BOB 3 days at Michigan's Hound Assn. major weekend.
Day 1: BOB at the Michigan Hound Assn. under breeder-judge Delberta Gogulski, E. Lansing, MI., 11-30-12. Dhealz was held in the final cut of 7 in a Group of 23, heavily weighted by #1 dogs, under Garry Newton.
Day 2: BOB under Diane Malenfant, Ingham Co1. KC., 12-1-12.
Day 3: BOB under breeder-judge Garry Newton, Ingham Co2., 12-2-12, and Dhealz made the final cut of 7 under Diane Malenfant.

Dhealz BOB and Group 2 under Lisa Warren, Manitowoc, WI. over #1 BIS dogs.

BOB under Bev Capstick, Manitowoc, WI.
BOB under Joe Gregory, Kenosha, WI.
BOB under Frank McCartha, Kenosha, WI.
After a year absence, Dhealz returns with an AOM, Detroit AHC, Breeder-Judge: Lynn Mercer.

In 8 'consecutive' shows fall 2012, GCH Dhealz secured 6 Hound Group placements over many #1 BIS dogs.


BOB and Group 4 under Dr. Robt. Indeglia at St. Cloud over #1 BIS dogs.
BOB and Group 3 over #1 BIS specials, Mr. Stephen Hubbell, Kankakee, IL.
BOB Judy Webb at Sioux Falls, SD.
BOB and Group 4 under Jon Cole at Lawton, OK.
BOB under Joe Gregory at Lawton, OK.
BOB and Group 4 under Jon Cole at Manitowoc over #1 BIS dogs.
BOB and Group 3 under breeder-judge Karen Dumke at Manitowoc, WI over #1 BIS dogs.
BOB and Group 4 under Mrs. Christina Calcinari at Elgin, IL over #1 BIS dogs.
BOB under Bev Capstick at Marshfield, WI.
BOB under Wm. Cunningham at DeKalb, IL.
BOB under Don Martin at DeKalb, IL.


Dhealz finishes under breeder-judge, Lynn Mercer at Omaha Specialty, July 2010, and takes a year off!
BED-1/WD/BOW/BOB for a 4 point Major over SBIS and Group Winning Specials under Sari Brewster Tietjen.
BED-1/WD/BOW and another BOB under Jon Cole.
WD 2 more times under Dr. Greathouse and Mr. Bergum.
Major RWDs 2 under Denny Mounce (Chgo. Intl.), and breeder-judge, Scott Pfeil (Cincinnati)
Dhealz also received WD & BOWs from Bev Capstick and Barb Dempsey Alderman.


GCH Ch. Sharrah's Dhealz is brother to:
Ch. Sharrah's Khatav
Ch. Sharrah's Shuni

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